Bhoruka Roadlines Ltd a leading cargo, transportation and logistics company , serving business houses across the entire length and breadth of the country since three and half decades, was set up in 1972 with one objective: To professionalise the cargo transportation industry in India. With a vision of a true leader and an ambitious strategy, today, it is not only one of the foremost conventional cargo transportation company but also one of the most respected service organization in India.

BRL has a wide network of strategically located 104 company owned and franchisee branches, spanning the lengths and the breadths of the country.

BRL owns well-equipped and secure godowns, offices and warehouses having an occupied space of millions of square feet.
BRL handles millions of tons of cargo annually. Moving a variety of cargo that includes raw materials, industrial products, consumer durables, drugs and pharmaceuticals, agricultural products and recently having moved on to more sophisticated high value cargo.

Many of the contracts extend beyond the basic transport need and include real management of and involvement in the wider supply chains. They also include added value services, which are linked to the transport such as break bulk, storage, drumming and re-packing.

BRL operates a hefty fleet of over 75 trucks moving thousands of consignments daily. Using state-of-the-art equipment to transport consignments of any size, weight and dimensions including heavy-duty equipment and provide accurate and timely information to its customers and meet shortened response time requirement. 
  Opening its doors to computerization at the right time, today all the major Controlling Centers have computerized operations, supported by well-documented systems and procedures assuring consistency and efficiency in its operations and customer care throughout the country. 

BRL has a satisfied client base of hundreds, which includes top reputed Indian companies. The strength of BRL lies in its customers. A dedicated team of 300 employees ensures that the company stays ahead, meeting all challenges, achieving the goals while being guided by the Motto as laid down by the founders of this organization. Meeting the company's commitment towards excellence in every sphere of its activity.

Time tested experience and expertise of more than 35 years has enabled us emerge as a player in nationwide logistics markets. After all, a reputation for being a responsible and reliable transport carrier does not come early and without dedication.
We recognize that the competence and capability of our people is the fundamental difference between our competitors and us. By having well trained, highly motivated staff we are better able to honor and meet our customers' requirements in the most effective and efficient way. As our industry and global market changes, we continue to anticipate and adapt to these changes through our flexibility and focus on quality and customer service. Through a commitment to close working partnerships with our customers we ensure we fully understand their business objectives and requirements resulting in flexible logistics solutions across a wide variety of market sectors and matching our customers' developing requirements and cost expectations.

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